eCatalogues E.ON Shopping Mall

Electronic catalogues (eCatalogues) are an efficient way to handle a number of procurement activities. E.ON’s eCatalogues are availalble in a central platform called the “E.ON Shopping Mall”, which is provided by Opus Capita (formerly jCatalog). E.ON is using eCatalogues group-wide or restricted to individual entities. A precondition for creating an eCatalogue is a valid supply contract between a supplier and E.ON or an E.ON entity.

Requesters can ask for a quote on products not included in an eCatalogue and later on order them via the „QuickQuote“ module. QuickQuote can be implemented for existing eCatalogue suppliers if required. Further information about E.ON’s eCatalogue solution and the QuickQuote module can be found on the right side.